Jayce's Nursery

12-14-03 - We started painting the nursery.

The top portion of the walls is clouds, the bottom will be green. These will be separated by a chair rail painted glossy white. The ceiling will be the same blue as the walls.

In the pictures, Tiffany is painting the clouds and Richard is filling in the sky around the clouds.

12-21-03 - Richard painted the green part of the wall below where the chair rail will go. He also painted the ceiling.

12-31-03 - Tiffany finished painting the clouds and Richard filled all the blue in.

1-1-04 - Richard and Kevin hung the chair rail - just a few touch-ups left.

1-4-04 - All touch-ups complete! Room is painted.

1-18-04 - Furniture is in place - just a few things left to complete the room. Yeah! We will replace the curtains with a shade or blinds of some type. The changing table is waiting on its drawer pulls and some baskets to be complete.